Tuesday, May 3, 2011

F.EU too

So this Thursday, an original Cape Town superclub, Galaxy, is host to the official album launch of Dj Fresh (SA) and Euphonik (SA) collaborating as F.EU. I plan to attend.
that was some Euphonik in the mix.
and some DJ Fresh.
I am excited for this new album and i plan to share as much as i can so keep your eyes peeled bros


Yes boys and, to a lesser extent, girls :) I have been missing for a while now but I am back with a vengence!
Today's topic: 21st birthdays.
So there is a 21st coming up and ideas need to be produced.
So far there are:
  • a case of bottles of Johnny for the close friends for the night.
  • a DJ spinning live for the entire night
As you can see, there are a few things missing :)
What we need to do is fill in the rest.
I appreciate your efforts in advance